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Personal Profile

I have been a dog lover and dog sport enthusiast all my life. I have owned and trained a variety of breeds from Miniature Schnauzers to Labs to Springer Spaniels to German Shepherd. More than 25 years ago I started to formalize my dog training knowledge and I have been gathering training knowledge ever since. This continuing search for knowledge has allowed me to attend multiple seminars given by the most recognized trainers in the world. Their varied instruction techniques have allowed me to collect many different training approaches. Because dogs and their owner’s differ so greatly in their personalities and capabilities, I do not subscribe to a “one size fits all” approach in training. I call on my collection of techniques to design the training to fit the owner and their dog.

During my 25 plus years of training, I have been able to help many people and their dogs obtain their desired goals, from basic household obedience to national level competition. As for my own dogs, I have trained six competition dogs. My focus has always been to optimize their capabilities not necessarily win the competition. I have accomplished this with three dogs gaining SchH3 titles and three dogs SchH1 titles. Three of my other dogs have been family pet dogs. They, too, have optimized their basic skills of sit, come, down and stay making them loved members of our household.

Over my numerous years of training, I have met many folks and many dogs. I have been taken by the fact so many people have not taught their dogs the most basic of behaviors, ones I feel are critical to a dog’s safety and to being a positive part of our society. It is my opinion that if your dog does not know sit, come, down, stay reliably, you have not done your job as a responsible dog owner.

I understand that not everyone knows how to get started in teaching their dogs the basics. My goal is to help and share my knowledge of this with you and get you and your dog on the path to having a more enjoyable life together.