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Introduction to Schutzhund Training

There are many breeds of dogs whose original purpose was to perform functions required by military and police organizations. In the codification of the German Shepherd Dog, a breed worthiness test was created to evaluate these innate characteristics. These characteristics are:
•    intelligence
•    stable disposition
•    athletic ability  
•    courage
•    independence
•    cooperative
•    desire to work
•    good health

The breed worthiness test evolved into a scored contest. Dog handlers from all around would gather to compete and find out who had the best Dog Sport dog. The contest consisted of tracking, obedience and protection of handler, 3 disciplines. These three disciplines each had its own characteristic demand and offered the enthusiasts the opportunity to evaluate each dog and their innate characteristics.

Introduction to Schutzhund training offers the working dog enthusiast an opportunity to learn the basics of each discipline. The instruction is aimed at preparing the dog/handler team to compete in Schutzhund competitions. Each team receives instruction in teaching techniques and the psychology behind the technique. For example;
A.    Tracking requires the dog to work independently, away from the handler, very little handler involvement
B.    Obedience requires cooperation between dog and handler, a coordination of movement and exercises.
C.    Protection of Handler requires control and clarity of thought by dog/handler team. The dog’s independence to engage the threat and the team’s ability to control its behavior at all times is demonstrated here. It exhibits all of the innate characteristics.

The Dog Essentials goal is to have you understand not only the technique but also why it works.  Understanding the “why” is essential to the advancement of your dog.