Dog Training Solutions

Together, we will help your dog reach its' potential.

  • Unless you are working your dog in a specific sport or job, odds are your dog is out of shape and spends most of its day laying around and napping.
  • Exercise and conditioning is important.
  • It strengthens and keeps flexible the heart, lungs, muscles and tendons, critical for overall health.
  • It provides for a better mental health. Dogs actively involved in some type of organized exercise program tend to be better overall good citizens.
  • Finally, exercise programs are critical to all kinds of successful training program. Being in shape supports greater success.
  • Exercise programs for dogs need to be fun, exhilarating, and varied. Monotony and routine lessen the enjoyment of exercise and the results. As muscles get used to a specific exercise, the challenge to those muscles is reduced.
  • Dog Essentials exercise programs are custom designed to your dog. They include swimming, jogging, balling play, rag play, soccer and anything else that helps the overall health of your dog. You may even find yourself getting in better shape.
  • Diet is essential for an effective exercise program. Dog Essentials has available experienced dietary consultants to support your exercise program.